Natural Features Inventory

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A Natural Features Inventory (NFI) is defined as the identification of environmentally significant features on a parcel of land that is proposed for development or subdivision. An NFI identifies all environmental features regulated by the City of Tallahassee or Leon County and include wetlands, waterbodies, watercourses, floodplain, native forest, slopes, and listed species. A Natural Features Inventory is a requirement of the Development Services under section 10 of the Leon County Code of Laws and Section XX of the Land Development Code of the City of Tallahassee. A NFI is required to be completed as part of all standard form environmental permit applications and Short Form B applications as well as Limited Partitions and 2.1.9 subdivisions.


FELSI has in-depth knowledge and experience with County and City land development regulations to achieve an approve NFI submitted. Natural Features Inventories must be completed by a qualified professional and submitted to the County or City biologists for review. FELSI has conducted over fifty NFI's for the County and City combined and has established a professional working relationship with agency staff.


An NFI map dipicated natural features, including delineated wetlands, surveyed gopher tortoise burrows, soil classifications, Florida Land Use Classification Codes (FLUCCS) and, severe and significant slopes


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